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Body Image/Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Kelly's passion for well-being deepened through her Life Coaching business, when she was certified as a Recovery Coach in the EDIT (Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy) Program.  In 2018, she completed training in The Body Positive and is now a Facilitator.

History of EDIT

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT) was developed by Dr. Dorie Mc Cubbrey, MSed, PhD, UPC as a result of her own recovery from an eating disorder.  EDIT is an exploration of five principles based on trust and intuition.

Five Principles of EDIT

  • Love Your Self

  • Be True to Your Self

  • Express Your Self

  • Give to Your Self

  • Believe in Your Self

EDIT is a Holistic Method

EDIT is a Holistic Healing Method, not a Medical Intervention.  This involves addressing possible causes of the eating discorder and body shame, not just the symptoms.  EDIT is designed for individuals experiencing mild to moderate eating disorder/body image symptoms.

Solution Focused

We will set treatment goals and move forward in our work together for overall freedom from eating disorder behavior and negative self-talk.  No more letting your mind bully your body!

False Self vs. True Self

When that negative self-talk kicks in, it can be so cruel and powerful that it is hard to distinguish between the "false self" (the one that believes in the negative talk) vs. the "true self' (the one that knows intuitively what is best).  This is hard work and EDIT focuses on this wholeheartedly.


You, the Client, will be guided with tools to build your own voice of intuition and self-trust.  You are stronger than you think and have the power to do this work.


50-minute sessions

4 Sessions

6 Sessions

8 Sessions

*Prices effective April 24, 2024
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