BALLROOM DANCE with Sherman Christensen

Whether you're an experienced dancer or just starting out, there's a ballroom class for you!  Choose from Beginner Ballroom, Ballroom Intermediate, or Ballroom Technique.

BALLROOM SOCIAL with Sherman Christensen

Get ready for a fun night!  The Ballroom Social is your chance to practice what you've learned from ballroom classes in a real-world setting.

BARRE EXPRESS Virtual & Livestreamed

Barre Express is a hybrid of Pilates, strength and core training. High reps and low weights. No impact. Light weights, towel, and mat required.

BOOTY BANDS & BEATS with Melissa Fabreo-Montelongo

A full body workout to bangin' club beats using your own body weight, bands, dumbbells, and gliders to strengthen your core, balance and plump your peach!

CARDIO/CORE Livestreamed

Cardio/Core - Some HIIT, KICK, DANCE, and LOTS of SWEAT!  All cardio and core intervals.

No equipment needed.


Everyone needs more stretch and core!  Use these 45 minutes to work your core, do some floor work, and stretch.  Suitable for all levels.  Bring a mat, towel, and water.

DANCEVIBES with Melissa Fabreo-Montelongo

This multi-level program bridges the gap between dance fitness and dance choreo classes.  Choreography is taught in lower levels and run back-to-back in upper-level classes.

DanceVibes is an outlet to clear the mind through dance, while also providing a heart-pumping, fun and challenging workout in a friendly and judgement-free environment.


Mixing it up is key to a good, balanced workout plan!  This class includes cardio, strength, balance, and fun dancing, too.

Suitable for all fitness levels.  Guaranteed to start your weekend off right!

GROOVE with Angie Mercado

A high-energy, cardio-dance class with a saucy vibe.

HIIT Livestreamed

HIIT is an interval-style workout with periods of cardio and strength.  High energy and intensity.  Frequent use of weights, resistance bands, and other props.

Modifications for all fitness levels.


Come have fun in this boot camp class using JumpSport trampolines, balls, bands, gliders, and more in a circuit-style format!  We will utilize the outside area in front of the studio if weather permits.  ALL LEVELS WELCOME!  Bring mat, towel, and water.


Get bouncing!  Workouts on the trampoline train the entire body.  Combines cardio, core, muscle strength & endurance, and flexibility.  Fun for everyone!

KICKBOXING Livestreamed

Cardio kickboxing is a fun and challenging workout for all fitness levels.  Fast cardio combined with strength and flexibility.  Builds stamina and coordination and burns calories like no other workout.  Floor work and core in the last 10 minutes of class.

SAMBA with Carmen Carrasco

This class is designed for dancers of all levels to experience Brazilian Samba!  We will go over the basic steps of Samba and drill easy movements to train your stamina, posture, and footwork.  At the end of class, we will put it all together for a mini choreo!  This isn’t just a dance’s a PERFORMANCE!

SCULPT/ABS Livestreamed

55 minutes Conditioning class focuses on whole body strength exercises using dumbbells, resistance, and body weight.  Core work for the last 15 minutes.  No cardio.

Suitable for all levels.


Spin can be for everyone!  Focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, and speed.  Great workout and fun time for all.


SPIN INTERVAL is a 50-minute class that combines weight training and cycling. 

Bring your own towel and water.


STEP is back! This up-tempo choreographed cardio & strength workout consists of combinations, cardio intervals and core for the last 10 minutes.


Sunday Blast includes a little bit of everything:  cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and even dance. 

All fitness levels will be challenged.  Need weights, towel, and a mat.

VINYASA YOGA with Nancy Cottong

Class with Nancy begins with a gentle warm-up, follows with intelligent sequencing (options given to accommodate all levels), and finishes with a relaxing cool-down.  Participants will move from pose to pose linking posture with the breath.


Please bring water, mat, and towel.