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Melissa Fabreo-Montelongo

Mel (she/they) has taught dance fitness throughout the SF Bay Area for the past 12 years.  She also loves teaching mindfulness, breathwork, guided meditation, and body sculpting with weights and bands.  Her one wish is that each person shows up to class with an open heart and mind, prepared to be a part of a community rooted in love.

Mel founded and runs a local wellness nonprofit aiming to make wellness accessible to all in a safe and inclusive space.  She is a mentor and teacher for young women coming out of incarceration, sex trafficking, and abusive homes through The Art of Yoga Project and The Young Women's Freedom Center.


A proud femme lesbian Latinx, Mel lives in Menlo Park with her wife.  They are proud mothers to a US Army infantryman and an extra large senior floof.


Mel is board-certified in holistic nutrition, owner of Alchemy Bee Wellness in Menlo Park where she focuses on whole body health with a health at every size, anti-diet approach.


This multi-level program bridges the gap between dance fitness and dance choreo classes. Choreography is taught in lower levels and run back-to-back in upper-level classes.  DanceVibes is an outlet to clear the mind through dance, while also providing a heart-pumping, fun and challenging workout in a friendly and judgement-free environment.

Visit for playlists, choreography tips and events!

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